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Aktivait - a nutraceutical for cats and dogs

Brain ageing in both humans and pets is the subject of the latest and most topical research and development. By focusing on how nutritional micro management can assist in reducing the most common age-related diseases, scientists have been able to achieve remarkable results.

Oxidative stress and free radical damage
Humans and animals produce harmful free radicals on a daily basis. In young healthy dogs and cats, antioxidants neutralise these free radicals and equilibrium occurs. Unfortunately, as animals age they produce more free radicals but have a decreasing amount of antioxidants. This leads to an excess of free radicals, which damage the cells and cell contents, especially DNA, lipid membranes and proteins. This in turn can lead to the development of disease and related problems.

What age related symptoms would my cat or dog show?
Animal behaviourists identify four distinct symptoms of cognitive dysfunction:
1. Disorientation
2. Loss of house training
3. Irregular sleep
4. Reduced interaction

How does Aktivait help prevent the ageing process?
Aktivait is the first supplement to combine all the nutrients necessary for sustaining optimum function. It contains a complex mix of antioxidants (vitamins C, E, CoQ10, alpha lipoic acid and N-acetyl cysteine) and compounds necessary for optimum metabolism and function of the nerve cells (Carnitine, DHA/EPA and phosphotidylserene). It can also help prevent free radical damage and improve electrical transmission between nerve cells.

When should I give my dog Aktivait?
For best results supplementation should begin in mid-life. Unfortunately, most owners wait until a problem occurs and in this case you should seek advice from your vets.

How to administer
Aktivait comes in a convenient capsule so it is easy to administer, and can either be sprinkled onto your pet's food or given whole.

Is there anything else I can do to help?

Yes. Keeping your pet's weight within the normal range, with a sensible feeding and exercise regime, will benefit your pet as it gets older. Ask your veterinary surgeon for more information and advice.

How long will it take to work?
Noticeable improvements from Aktivait have been reported as early as 3-4 weeks after the start of supplementation but this will vary by age, breed and weight.

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